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True Treats Harpers Ferry Talks and Tastings

All True Treats Historic Candy talks and tastings are conducted by an expert in historic candy at our Harpers Ferry location. Participants learn about everything from Civil War sweets to Native American favorites with samples as they go! Call or e-mail us for a schedule or to reserve a seat.

Corporate, Museum and Other Group Talks and Tastings

In these unique talks, True Treats founder Susan Benjamin reveals the inner workings of candy history and how it affects us today. The subject matter can cover everything from models of business success from American candy innovators to candy in the resistance movement, from slavery through the Cold War. We can customize the talks at no additional expense. Participants sample the candy as we go, creating a truly engaging and visceral experience.

Talks may be followed by a book signing and sales of additional candy.

Upcoming Talks & Tastings

What Do We Talk About?

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