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Carob Tea and Ingredient in Apothecary Jar


Carob has a distinct chocolate-like flavor that makes a good tea or tea blend. To make carob tea, just boil 2 tsp of carob shells in water for about 5 minutes, and eat the remaining soft pieces later. Carob is also good for baking, a great addition to smoothies, and the perfect “chocolate” for pets. Store in a dry, dark cupboard.

A Bit of History

The carob is an ancient mythical tree, still eaten during Lent, Good Friday and the Jewish holiday Tu Bishvat. Some scholars believe it’s also the “St. John’s Bread” that John the Baptist ate in the wilderness. Today carob is used as a chocolate alternative. It’s high in fiber, calcium and anti-oxidants, is gluten and caffeine free, and is thought to sooth upset stomachs.

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