Historic Sweet Treats- Hand-Pulled Vanilla Sugar Sticks - True Treats Historic Candy

Hand-Pulled Sticks, Circa 1600s – Vanilla (3)


A hand-pulled classic, this candy has a traditional porous texture and a delicious vanilla taste…and was an early version of the candy cane, circa 1600s. Perfect to eat as is, enjoy with hot drinks, or crush on ice cream or cakes.  As the sticks are hand-pulled, the sizes vary…between 4 and 6 inches. The vanilla flavor came later.

A Bit of History

The pulled sugar stick likely originated in Europe around the 1500s, where it was enjoyed as a treat. In the 1600s, Germans added a hook to the top, making it the candy cane. The stripe came in the mid-1800s for an especially festive flourish.

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