Sugar Sampler


Enjoy the distinct taste of North American sugars, used as a medicine,  preservative, flavoring, and fermenting agent. There’s the 1700s style brown and white cane sugar, the primary reason for slavery, and alternatives abolitionists and others used: native maple sugar; sorghum grain; and raw beet sugar, today the most widely used sugar in the U.S. Comes in an attractive tube with the history on the label.


A Bit of History

The cane sugar arrived in North America in the 1700s, and with it the slave trade. The enslaved people from Africa were the only workers who had the fortitude and endurance to withstand the rigors of sugar cane production… and the devastating conditions forced on them by plantation owners. Abolitionists, including African Americans in the North, boycotted the sugar cane in an attempt to erode the economic value of holding people as slaves. The early cane, and its alternatives, are in this unique collection.

What's Next?

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