Satellite Wafer (Flying Saucers)


The Satellite Wafer aka Flying Saucer is as much about texture – possibly more!-than taste. Made with tiny sugar bits like the dragees on top of nonpareils, tucked into a thin, edible shell. The shell melts in your mouth and sugar bits remain, smooth and crunchy. Contains two ounces of candy with the history on the label.

A Bit of History

The Cold War was a time of rockets exploding into space and nuclear bombs igniting in movies, TV shows and political debates. UFO sightings were everywhere – from farm fields to urban settings. Candy – being candy – made the most of it. Explosive candy. Rocket shaped pops. And plenty of fizz. All meant to be fun…and all in good taste. Which it was! As for the Satellite Wafer – these were said to be made in 1950 in Belgium by a communion wafer maker whose sales were down. True? Possibly. But one thing is certain – these are classic Cold War-era sweets, no matter where they originated.

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