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Organic Cacao Nibs


The nibs are the ground-up inner cacao bean, with a bitter-ish flavor and chocolate finish. While the Aztecs traditionally brewed the cacao into a rich, cold drink, you can eat the nibs on ice cream, yogurt, or other dessert, add them to smoothies, mix with dried fruit and eat by the handful…¬†and much more.

2 oz in recyclable heat-sealed bag with the history on the label.

A Bit of History

The indigenous people of Mesoamerica believed the cacao was a gift from the gods. Some, such as the Aztec leader Montezuma, believed it was the secret to virility. So valuable was the cacao, the Aztecs even used it as money. The Spanish explorers discovered the cacao, brought it back to Spain, and kept it a secret for 100 years.

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