Assorted Candies and Confections- Pecan Praline - True Treats Historic Candy

Pecan Praline


Melt-in-your-mouth sweet and delicious, this treat comes fresh from a circa 1880s family-owned pecan grove in Texas. 4-oz heat-sealed bag with the history on the label. The praline encapsulates the history of North American foodways.

A Bit of History

The French brought the praline to Louisiana in the 1700s, using ingredients brought to Europeans with the spice trade.  Enterprising Creole women sold them on street corners in New Orleans. The pecan goes further back: Algonquins, among other Native Americans, relied on the nut because it was bountiful, flavorful and easy-to-carry. In the mid-1800s, Antoine, an enslaved gardener in Louisiana, first determined how to graft a particularly hardy pecan tree, making wide-spread propagation of the tree possible. Today, the popularity of the pecan in the U.S. is second to only the peanut – which is actually a legume.

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