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Licorice Lovers Gift Box from Root to Roll


Volume Discounts
Quantity Discount
1-23 $2.87 off each
24-39 $2.72 off each
40-* $2.57 off each

A delightful combination perfect for the licorice lover! Comes with the licorice root, that started it all; Good n’ Plenty (1893); Licorice Allsorts (1899); Licorice Pipes (early 1900s); Licorice Laces (1920s); Salt licorice and licorice buttons (1930s);Licorice Bridge Mix (1950s); and Broadway Rolls (1980s). A taste only a licorice lover could love! Selection may vary depending on availablity.


A Bit of History

Licorice arrived in North America somewhere in the 1600s.  The root was used as a spice, tooth-cleaner, and medicine and, at the rise of candy in the mid-1800s, a treat. Licorice is about 50 times sweeter than sugar – the root was sold in apothecaries, penny candy stores and other places as a treat. Later, it became an ingredient  in such favorite candies as Good n’ Plenty (1893), Licorice Allsorts (1899), and Licorice Laces (1925).

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