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Kola Nut


Kola has a bitter flavor which becomes sweeter as you use it. To prepare kola powder, just add a teaspoon or more to teas, smoothies or other drinks, according to taste or blend it with sparkling water and sassafras or sarsaparilla for a soft drink.  The kola does have caffeine, so get ready for a lift. For a natural foundation for your face, you can blend the kola powder with arrowroot.

A Bit of History

Kola nuts originated in West Africa where they were important to traditional spiritual practices. The nuts were used as everything from sacred offerings to currency and, in some parts of Africa, was considered an aphrodisiac. In the 1800s a pharmacist, John Pemberton, mixed cola and coca extracts – both pick-me-ups – with carbonated water to make Coca-Cola. His accountant thought up the name.


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