Jelly Hearts - 19th Century Sweet Treats in Harpers Ferry, WV - True Treats Historic Candy

Cherry Jelly Hearts: A Taste of Love


Jelly Hearts descended from a candy dating back thousands of years… but you’d never know it today. The texture tingles your mouth while the flavor is mesmerizing.  The perfect preface to a kiss.

A Bit of History

Valentine’s Day probably originated in the 5th century. The original recipe that inspired Jelly Hearts came a few hundred years later,  around 900, as the Turkish delight.  In the mid-1800s, the delight landed in Boston and took on new life as the jelly bean. From there it was the basis of gummy candies of all sorts—but the most beautiful and romantic was the Jelly Hearts.  You’ll find the whole family – including Chuckles and Fruit Slices – here!

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