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Honey of the Bible – Mulberry


Pure mulberry syrup in a recycled glass apothecary jar with a cork top and tag and an historic image. Beautiful to look at – tasty to eat. Enjoy in teas, on ice cream, over biscuits, pancakes and more. 4.5 fluid ounces.

A Bit of History

The Biblical term for honey, “dvash”,  usually referred to a thick grape, fig or date syrup rather than honey from bees.  Other fruits and berries were also widely used for syrups, such as the mulberry. Common in North America, it grows widely in varied parts of the world. The mulberry appears in the Bible, although the quote could refer to other trees, as well.

“…over against the mulberry trees…in the tops of the mulberry trees.” (Sam 5:23, 24)



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