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French Rose Biscuits – An 18th Century Tea Biscuit


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The rose biscuit is “rose” in color only. The flavor is subtle with an undertone of vanilla and the biscuits light. Traditionally they go well with  tea or champagne – Reims is the champagne capital – but also enjoy with ice cream, custards and other beverages and desserts. Comes in a 9 gram box.


A Bit of History

Biscuit Rose de Reims was created  in Reims, France around 1690 as is one of the oldest bakeries in the world. Originally,  a baker create a special dough to conserve on heat in the oven. He cooked the dough twice making a “biscuit” which means “cooked twice” in French. The oblong biscuit is lightly sprinkled with sugar and was enjoyed by King Charles X, Leopold II of Belgium, the Russian czar, and the Marquise de Polignac and quite possibly the colonists who spent time in France.  The Biscuit Rose de Reims is typical of tea biscuits of the time and provide a visceral experience of colonial foods.

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