Candy in the 1700s- Cream Filberts (Mothballs)- Sugarplum - True Treats Historic Candy

Sugar Plums- Delightful Since Late 1700s


This elegant candy was originally called the “cream filbert” – a filbert covered with creamed sugar and a crisp sugar shell. First made in the 1700s, Cream Filberts are of the “sugarplum” family, where a nut or seed was rolled in layers of sugar for a perfect shell. Perhaps that’s why these candies are enjoyed at Christmas and even Easter.

The name changed to “mothball candy” in the 1940s. The filbert tree, aka hazelnut, came to New York around 1737 from Spain and appears in a variety of festive foods and sweets today. A true luxury using traditional ingredients of the late 1700s. The texture is as tempting as the taste.¬†4 ounces with the history on the¬†label.

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