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Licorice Laces, Classic Retro Fun



Licorice laces are a classic enjoyed by all licorice lovers! Sweet, silly, and fun! 8 oz heat-sealed bag with the history on the label.

A Bit of History

Around 1925, Charlie Chaplin called the American Licorice Company and said he needed an edible boot for his movie “The Gold Rush.” The company complied and made him a licorice boot with string licorice laces which he ate like spaghetti.

Before: The licorice root came over with the British in the 1600s and was used as a toothbrush and medicine. In the late mid-1800s, it was enjoyed as a candy. After the Civil War was over, candy-makers could focus on candy whole-heartedly, and in 1893 Good n’ Plenty, the nation’s oldest brand, was born!

After: The Industrial Revolution was over, and the candy industrial race was on. New arrivals featured licorice, such as the classy licorice pipe. Others had only a dash of actual licorice, starting with the American Licorice Company’s first red licorice – the Red Vine.

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