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Biblical Honey with Lemon


Volume Discounts
Quantity Discount
1-40 $4.87 each
41-100 $4.81 each
101-* $4.71 each

Honey rich with fresh lemon juice for a mouth-watering flavor. Use in teas, fruit salads, desserts and virtually anywhere else. Perfect for sore or dry throat. 4 fl oz in a beveled jar.

A Bit of History

Honey was common throughout ancient Israel, and may have been date or fig syrup or grape molasses. Citrus was common at that time, primarily used in rituals, such as etrog, a lumpy yellow fruit of the citron family. The etrog was known as peri eitz hadar  meaning ‘fruit of the beautiful tree.’

And you shall take on the1st day the fruit of beautiful trees… and you shall rejoice before the Lord your God 7 days!” Lev 23:40.



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