Horehound Candy Drops


The horehound flavor is hard to describe: some call it smoky, warm and, according to our customers, similar to licorice or root-beer. At one time, horehound candies were bitter but are now sweetened while still retaining their essential flavor.  The candies come in a 4-ounce bag with a reusable tie.

A Bit of History

The rugged horehound plant is of the mint family which spreads through roots underground, able to survive hard winters and other difficult conditions. It originated in Europe, North Africa, and Asia. The settlers of North America grew the horehound plant in their gardens, using it to treat stomach ailments, sore throats and other ailments. Eventually the horehound was used to create one of the many hard candies that emerged in the apothecaries of the mid-1800s and has maintained its duel function as a candy and medicine ever since.

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