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Biblical Honey with Almonds


Blanched almonds suspended in honey in an attractive jar with a brief description and verse on the tag.   Perfect with desserts: tasty, tasteful and rich with meaning in a honey jar with a tag and label. So good with medicinal qualities we acknowledge today. 4 fl oz in a beveled jar.

A Bit of History

In ancient times, people suspended nuts, fruits, and petals in honey. The kind of honey may have varied and include date or fig syrup, which were considered a kind of honey, as well as honey from the bee.   In the Bible, bee honey was cited several time, given credence to its value at that time.  The almond tree is the first to flower in the spring and came to represent good beginnings.

                       And behold, the rod…brought forth buds, and bloomed blossom, and yielded almonds. Num.17:1–8


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