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Classic Andes Snap Bar – Three Full-Size Bars


The Andes Mints more people enjoy than any other after dinner mint…with snap!, the sound when you break off a bite-size piece. Same taste, same texture as when it was made in 1950 but less unwrapping to do when you want two…or three… pieces. Comes with three bars.

A Bit of History

Following a long tradition of soft, silky smooth peppermint cream sandwiched in chocolate, Andes Mints are the best selling after-dinner mints in the country, according to Tootsie Roll, Industries who produced them. The first peppermint patty, York Peppermint Pattie, was created in 1940 by an ice cream maker. Versions had existed previous, but the mint was grittier than the candies of today. Andes Mints were made in 1950 – the most recent iteration is the Andes Snap – with individual segments reminiscent of two other Tootsie Roll Products – Dubble Bubble and the Tootsie Roll Big Bar.

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