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African American Collection with Scroll


This unique collection focuses on the African Americans who created the nation’s sweets and sugars, including Norbert Rillieux, who developed a milestone sugar evaporator, George Washington Carver, whose work with peanuts included three peanut brittle recipes, and legions of enslaved workers whose efforts required unique fortitude and strength under abysmal conditions. Also included is an insert describing the candy they made, shaped, or ate.

A Bit of History

African Americans played a central role in the history of sugars and sweets. They were brought to North American for the production of cane sugar.  African Americans in the North were also active in the abolitionist movement, where they boycotted cane sugar, among other foods, that fed the economy of slavery. Others developed machinery, recipes, and agricultural processes that have shaped the world of sugars and sweets forever.

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