Collection of Candy from the 1800s - Assorted Candies and Confections - True Treats Historic Candy

1800s Candy Box – With Story of Each


Experience candy from the first in U.S. history (1806) through the late 1800s. Included are 18 products from the unique to the familiar, most using original ingredients, along with a scroll describing each candy. Comes in an attractive box: perfect to enjoy by yourself, share, or give as a gift.

A Bit of History

The 1800s were an amazing time for sweets. Enslaved people made the sugar, abolitionists boycotted it, and Civil War soldiers ate it in their rations. While the first commercial candy appeared in 1806, sugar only shifted from being medicinal to being fun in the 1880s.  Now you can experience historical sweets in this exclusive collection and read the history of each on a specially made scroll.

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