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1700s Time Capsule with Letter and Historic Picture


Now the perfect chance for kids to experience history in an entirely new way, with a time capsule filled with 18th century sugars and sweets, such as candied peels, Turkish delight, sugar plums, and stain glass. Most important, they’ll find a letter from the Time Traveler written just for them, telling them about each selection.

A Bit of History

The 18th century brought about a variety of changes to the landscape of North America, with everything  with everything from sugar plums to newly-prepared chocolates. Cane sugar also entered the scene and became a favorite of European Americans who used it as a preservative, medicine, and fermenting agent. Fruits, that the Spanish and Portuguese explorers introduced to the area, as well as spices introduced through the spice trade, became part of the confectionery landscape and are still among us today.

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