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What Dad Really Wants? He-Man Sweets

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What better Father’s Day gift for Dad than true he-man candy. The he-man candy is even suitable for men in touch with their feminine side: the range is far enough to suit virtually any testosterone- touched palette. Just look at these manly favorites…

  • Chowards Violet Mints: Seriously, violet? Yes, these perfume- tasting classic were made in the 1930s and a hit among men in their native NYC…including cops!
  • Candy bars:  Any kind would work– they took off in after World War I where they made an appearance in the Doughboy’s rations .I’d go for the Goldberg’s Peanut Chews and the Clark Bar…two that made it to the front.
  • Bourbon Balls made with Woodford ReserveThe official bourbon ball of the Kentucky Derby. Need I say more?
  • Toffee-covered peanuts: A classic from baseball games. Sweet and crispy outside with a satisfying crunch within.
  • Big League Chew: A more recent baseball favorite, these bubblegum treats inspire nostalgia, if not fun.

For the father who’s been especially good this year, how about a basket or collections, meant to amuse and inspire:

Retro Pop: Why not go all out and get Dad a retro basket with the best the 1900s had to offer? He’d love it.

History Lovin’ Dad: A 1700s or 1800s collection, with a scroll telling the history of each.

Military Dad: An armed forces favorite collection of candy from the Revolutionary War to World War II. Or focus in – we have Civil War collections, too.

Baseball Dad: Baseball’s best all in one bag, with homage to the greats…ie, Babe Ruth.

Licorice Lovers:  A collection of pure black – from the twists to the roots. A manly choice, Mom will also enjoy.

Need ideas? Want to make your own basket for Dad? Give us call, and we’ll discuss.


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