Licorice Pipes, A Penny Candy Favorite


Although this licorice is in the fun shape of a pipe, this licorice flavor is among the best we carry! Each pipe individually wrapped for freshness.

A Bit of History

Once popular in penny candy stores, these flavorful licorice pipes are one of many “candy tobacco” products, along with candy cigarettes and cigars! As for the licorice: the licorice root came over with the British in the 1600s and was used as a toothbrush and medicine. In the late mid-1800s, it was enjoyed as a candy. After the Civil War was over,¬†candy-makers could focus on candy whole-heartedly, and in 1893 Good n’ Plenty, the nation’s oldest brand, was born! The licorice pipe, red licorice and licorice bridge mix followed, numerous new editions chugging through the decades.

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