One Nation, 10,000 Kisses

Just about every sweet and treat we enjoy comes from immigrants. The sugars, the flavors, the styles of foods: all from somewhere else. “One Nation, 10,000 Kisses” celebrates one nation, a blend of many nations, and the “kiss,” both the name of a style of candy and the actual kiss, a sign of love, care, generosity, and joy. Plenty for everyone… from everywhere.


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I just had the great fortune of visiting the remarkable little island of Grenada, about 100 miles off the coast of Venezuela. It is a treasure trove of spices and fruits: Mango, coconut, banana, breadfruit, sapodilla, cinnamon, coconut, vanilla, sugar cane, cocoa and nutmeg which grow freely and with great abundance. The nutmeg, once a major source of income for the island, remains the most venerated of them all. As one person I interviewed explained – you can never go hungry here.

Like most fertile places, Granada has a history of conflict and struggle. Early on the Arawak were violently displaced by the Carib Indians who, about 500 years later, were conquered by the French. Rather than submit, they committed mass suicide by jumping off a cliff. The French and British fought for sovereignty over the island for hundreds of years, leaving a legacy of slavery and abuse.

Up until the 1960’s, the island was a patchwork of vast agricultural estates owned by Europeans. Today, the British influence lingers but Grenadians – the overwhelming majority the descendants of enslaved workers – are their own people, exceptionally and deservedly proud of their island.


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Mexican Candy! We’re focusing on Mexico in our new “One Nation, One Thousand Kisses” project. What are your favorite candies from the old days? Today? Tell us about your Abuelita! What candy did she gave you when you were a kid!  We’ll send you a candy thank-you and maybe even carry your candy online! 

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