The Originals 
From Native American barks, to the first candy ever, to the first chewing gum.
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March 15

Sweet as Sin: The Unwrapped Story of How Candy Became America's Favorite Pleasure

By True Treats Founder,

Susan Benjamin

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The tasty cacao, the sultry truffle, the chocolate bar: a deliciously historic chocolate walk.


       Honoring the African American Community for their

Strength, Struggles and Victories

In the Name of  Sugar and Sweets

18th-20th Centuries


Favorite  Focus

Roots, barks,flowers, seeds, nuts, resins, beans... and, of course, sugars and syrups.

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January 21: Talks and Tastings  of  Sweets & Sodas, Fredrick Pop Shop, Civil War Sweets

February 11, 6:00:Bolivar/Harpers Ferry Public Library, Valentine's Day Candy: A Taste of Where They Began/Where We Are Today

March 25, 7:00: Barnes and Noble, Fredrick, Maryland Book Signing and Tasting

March 26, 11:00: Candy from First to Now, Fredrick County Public Library, Walkersville Branch 

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Wild and wonderful, from Grandma's Purse to Penny Candy Stores.

Special Features

19th Century
The Industrial Revolution brought a tidal wave of change: Peanut brittle, sugar sticks, elegant truffles, and many you'd never imagine.
People & Events 
From battle fields to pharmacies, reservations to plantations: Sweets played a part to them all.

True Treats Historic Candy

"History Never Tasted So Sweet"

1600s & 1700s
Turkish Delight, candied peels and petals, chocolate sticks, sugar plums, & other sugary treats.

North Market Street, Fredrick, MD

Candy Timeline

20th Century
The rise of candy we know today - from Hostess Mints to Violet Mints, Candy Bars to Sponge Candy.

Events, Productions and Interviews